Delivering real-time, qualified homeowner pre-probate leads that are more likely to sell.

Are you a Realtor or investor looking to be the first person to know about a homeowner’s passing? Are you looking for a list of properties that are likely to be sold due to a homeowner passing away?

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Have your pre-probate leads been skip traced?
Yes, because we own all of our own data, we have skip traced all the leads and deliver the decreased homeowner’s contact information as available
How much does it cost?
The pricing depends on the location and forecasted availability. We have both subscription & per lead pricing models available.
How many leads will I receive?
We will deliver all the leads available in the market
How accurate is the data?
The leads are of the highest quality as they generated from death sourced information & matched to property records & homeowners contact information.
What is the difference between probate and pre-probate leads?
Probate leads are when the family has already opened the process to transfer the estate. Pre-probate is when there has been a death occurrence, but probate has not yet been opened. This allows a real estate professional to offer their services to assist the family through the process.
What markets are available?
We have market coverage across the USA
What types of properties are available on the list?
At this time, we are focused solely on residential properties. If you are looking for other property types, please contact us.
What’s included with these leads
First name, last name, property address, mailing address, homeowner age, estimated home value, property type, occupancy (tenant / owner occupant), estimated loan to value, property & lot square footage, bedrooms, bathrooms, prior sales price & date and the event summary and time of occurrence. Additionally, we include up to four phone numbers for the owners of the property, prioritizing cell phones & including landlines as available.

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