Skip Trace Automation

Geopoint Data Skip Trace Automation

Skip Tracing is often a headache for real estate professionals. Although skip tracing is crucial to finding accurate contact information for real estate leads lists, the process is often complicated and takes hours or days to deliver the contact information needed to close deals. 


Geopoint Data has solved this problem and created the system needed by all real estate professionals to provide accurate and timely skip tracing. The best part is you will only be charged for records which come back with at least one cell phone number for your lead lists.

How Does Geopoint Data Skip Trace Automation Work?

The process is simple! All you need to do is grab your lead list in a .csv format and upload your list at When you enter the page follow this process to get the best results possible:

Step 1: Select Your List

Step 2: Validate Your Selected File

Step 3: Choose Your Column Headers In Geopoint Data's Field Mapping Interface

Step 4: Press Submit

Once Your File Has Been Submitted...

After you complete Geopoint Data’s checkout process, an email will be sent to you confirming your order. Usually these orders take minutes to process, but in cases of large skip traces, it may take slightly longer.

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Step 5: It's Time to Download Your List!!

What Information Comes Back On Your Skip Trace?

Geopoint Data’s skip tracing provides all available contact information from our fresh database. This includes:

  • Up to 10 Cell Phone Numbers
  • Up to 2 Landline Phone Numbers
  • Up to 2 Emails

It Gets Even Better... You Receive A Refund For Non-Matches Directly To The Card You Used to Checkout!

Geopoint Data prides itself on being the best data provider / skip tracing service giving you the best data available for a knockout price! If we can not find atleast one cell phone number on any of your records you will receive a refund for those non-matched records. You only pay for the skip traced data you can actually use!

As Always... We Are Here To Help!

If you have any questions or run into a problem submitting your list, our support team is here to help you in anyway possible!

Email us at: [email protected] or Call us at: (480) 771-3001