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Vacant home lead lists
Want to know why there is so much activity in US residential real estate? The reason is simple, the market crash basically created a financial vehicle never before recognized as a business model that could be run from an office in Wall Street or Silicon Valley. This event caused big money real estate investors to bring on a completely new asset class vehicle which they are using to this day. 

Big money has always & only ever been in the real estate industry through scaled commercial & multifamily above 200 units – traditionally considered economically viable for management efficiencies.

Want to know why they like residential homes as a new asset class? Because it’s a productive asset that will always hold some inherent & utilitarian value. 

What does that mean? Let me give you an example, gold is an asset that will always hold some inherent & utilitarian value – but is it a productive asset? No, it’s only value is in the eyes of the market as to what that piece of gold is worth relative to the supply & demand for gold at that moment in time. 

A productive asset has the ability to produce income above the asset value itself, therefore a productive residential asset is an occupied or rented home. 

Guess what, Wall Street & Silicon Valley hates unproductive assets – also known as vacant houses. Homeowners hate them too, they cost A LOT of money. Mortgage, taxes, utilities, insurance – all these bills have to be paid whether there is someone living in the house or not. 

Real estate investors & wholesalers LOVE vacant houses – because it’s a dead (unproductive) asset. It currently holds zero utilitarian value for the owner & therefore the owner is highly likely to sell the house fast and is more likely to leave money on the table when selling. The dead asset is actually a financial burden to the homeowner who wants to be rid of as fast as possible. 

Geopoint Data updates its buy-sell ownership matching database weekly and it’s national vacant home list monthly. Don’t buy cheap old data from other software providers – we have the best data available, lists custom-built for you. 

Vacant Real Estate Lead Lists

Want to know which homes in your county are vacant? We have it. 

Want to know which vacant homes are past due on taxes? No Problem, there may not be many of them – but we can do it. 

Want to know which homes are vacant & owned by someone over the age of 80? We’ve got that. 

Want to know which homes are vacant & the owner is being reported as deceased? No problem at all. 

Want to know what homes in your city are vacant & have high equity? Geopoint Data has you covered. 

Want to know which vacant houses have been owned for over 15 years & the homeowner has been reported as deceased in the last 12 months? We’ve got that. 

Want to know which homes in your area are vacant that also have a reported felony,  misdemeanor, property personal liens, violations court-ordered judgments, personal bankruptcy, and evictions? We can do that! 

Did we make our point? 

We have the best homeowner data in the United States of America. Our data will save you countless amounts of money & time helping you on your way to further real estate success.

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