Why You Should Leave Skip Tracing in 2019! – It will save you time and money.

Real Estate Professionals typically use paid data source to get a lead list of names. Usually this looks like going down to the municipal court, Driving For Dollars or buying lead lists, either way skip tracing is involved.

The big question is WHY?

Why do we really need skip tracing in the first place? Yes of course we need information to contact the homeowners we find or buy on our lists but why, if purchased, do lists not come with contact information in the first place?

This is a question we started thinking about when we were building Geopoint Data and the truth is, we could not find a single reason why data providers are not providing already skip traced lists that made sense.

Great a list is “cheaper” than others… if you still need to skip trace is it really?

The other thing is the price structures for data providers are all over the place. You need a Ph.D to fully wrap your head around some of these price structures. How can you really expect to be effective if you have hoops to jump through just to get a list to call?

To answer all these questions there is a simple solution which can allow you to leave skip tracing in the dust while you are getting extremely fresh and accurate lists.

The answer is Geopoint Data. A company located in Arizona, built by real estate professionals with actual portfolios, who actively participate in brokering and wholesale real estate using their own data. Hard to believe right? Finally, a company who uses their own services.

Geopoint Data has a variety of lists from custom single indicator lists, stacked indicator lists all the way to premium “more likely to move” lists developed using a proprietary algorithm to filter homeowners on over 150 indicators to find the ones more likely to move within 6 months.

All lists come not only with up to 10 cell phone numbers, 2 landlines and email but also with column after column of homeowner and property information unlike any other service provider out there.

How can this be possible?

Easy. Geopoint Data is unlike any other real estate data service provider. What this means is Geopoint Data is a data originator and the first to have access to numerous databases of information and owns the information they sell. Other data companies are a step or two removed from originators, causing their data to be less quality.

By having access to, and owning all, the stored data, which is refreshed as often as possible, Geopoint Data provides extensive lead lists and the skip tracing other companies only dream of. 

The reason why you can leave your skip tracing companies in the dust come 2020 is you no longer need them.

If you order 10,000 names on a Vacant, Absentee Owner, High-Equity stacked lead list from Geopoint Data, you get 10,000 names.These 10,000 names, again come with all the contract information you could ever need to contact them.

This is unlike when you order 10,000 names from other data providers and then have to send the list to a skip trace company who only return 80% of the data filled in, on a good day. By the way, most of them charge you on the 10,000 names instead of the 8,000 which come back with information… More on this when you read Are You Paying Too Much For Skip Tracing?

Do These Lists Cost An Arm And A Leg?

No. Often times Geopoint Data Lists, again which comes ALREADY SKIP TRACED, displaying all the contact information you will ever need plus homeowner information such as age, est. income, est. credit score, etc. and property information such as mortgage amount, est. equity etc. are the same price, IF NOT CHEAPER than some companies skip tracing in the first place.

Here is a breakdown straight from their website of pricing going into 2020 (subject to change):

Data Stacked List

When you are ready to increase your business, increase your transactions while reducing your marketing expense check out Geopoint Data’s website.